positive feedback

Just wanted to give you guys some positive feedback.

I’m playing around with GetEventStore and am currently trying to import our LOKAD based event store into GetEventStore.

It’s just fantastic how easy it is and how performant the import is! I was able to import an event store of one of our customers with 1.3+ million messages in no time (a couple of minutes only - did not measure since it was so fast :slight_smile: ).


To start with I will run the event store in single node embedded in our solution.

Once we have a customer with a more demanding environment we’ll switch to multi-node

Thanks again for your great work guys!!!

Just one thought: could you please provide more recent binaries (I’m using 1.0.1). I know, I know… but I’m too lazy to compile from develop :frowning:

There is a release coming soon.

Also the reason we don’t drop more releases is that we try to make sure that binaries are stable. Dev is changing a lot! Bleeding edge isn’t right for everyone. Overall goal is about once per month or so to binary but not exactly.

I completely understand that. I’m just a little bit impatient :wink:
And I’m looking forward to the coming release.

Today I continued to explore the integration of the event store into our existing solution which currently is based on the ideas of Lokad. With very little code I was able to migrate and re-create our complete read model fed by the new event store. I did not have to change a single bit of the handlers that create the read model (which consists of Lucene indices, files and DB tables).

I really like the power, robustness, performance and ease of use of the new event store!

Glad it’s working well for you. We will hope to have a new release in the next week or so. Lots of goodies coming. The main focus is on projections and getting them ready for release :slight_smile: my guess is that will not be in next release but in release after (probably one release of “non-experimental” before they are actually released.




Projections IS one of the things we will leverage a lot!
I’m really looking forward to it

Keep rolling!!!

Would it be helpful if we created an unstable feed of binaries from dev? Obviously they’d be completely unsupported with no guarantees about anything, but probably easier than building yourself :slight_smile:

Any news about “unstable” builds. When and where can we get them?

Building from source is a bit tedious specifically since VS 2012 alone does not suffice

Yes, will do this tomorrow.