plans for scaling event store?


Are there any plans for pushing event store in the direction of supporting horizontal scalability with regards to data size?


Do you have a use case?

After some consideration, what’s even more important for us is scaling write throughput.
We have some applications that depends on processed wind turbine data and we would like to be able to plugin more sources…

Arguably we can keep the size of our streams down, so event store provides a window into to the data, from which we can build our application views. The larger the window, the more flexibility we have with our views, up to the limit where rebuilding views becomes impractical because of the time involved…

We could use Kafka for this, but we also mix our data stream processing with proper event sourcing. Where we need the guarantees that event store gives which kafka doesn’t at the moment.

Making the case for pushing our organization in a more event driven direction with regards to application development (with event store) would be easier, if we could set a check mark at scalability…

For small deployments (say up to 8 as an arbitrary figured I pulled
and now need to wash my hands) its not much of an issue. Setting it up
is pretty trivial. There has been some talk about adding better
support for this scenario and we have looked at it in the past. Drop
me a private email and I can go into more detail about what is being
looked at.