PersistentSubscriptionSettings - am I using this correctly?


I have a Competing Consumer Group and I would like to resend all the events that had previously been sent on that Group.

My code is similar to the following:

PersistentSubscriptionSettings persistentSubscriptionSettings = PersistentSubscriptionSettings.Create().StartFromBeginning();

await connection.UpdatePersistentSubscriptionAsync(streamName, groupName, persistentSubscriptionSettings, null);

//Call ConnectToPersistentSubscription

However, when my events start appearing, they are from the latest point.

I appreciate I could use SubscribeToStreamFrom, but the Group might have been created later so would have a different start point.

Anyone offer some advice on this issue?

Delete the group and then recreate it with startfrombeginning the
position to start from is only used as a starting point, checkpoints
are used after.

Cheers, that’s exactly what we needed.