Persistent Subscriptions Known Stays Ahead of "Current"

When I navigate to the persistent subscription in (get) EventStore the “Known” stays ahead of the “Current” until I touch the subscription. By touching the subscription I’m referring to using the EventStore web client to click Edit and subsequently Update without actually changing anything.

What could this be a symptom of? It seems to me that my consumer is working since it picks up and consumes after the update.

Please advise.


Jeff :slight_smile:

Updating the subscription resets it.

how far off is known vs current? If you append an event the
subscription still gets it?

Sounds like possibly a ui bug. Also what version are you running?

When I append an event I can see the Known count increase, but Current remains still and I don’t see the consumer do its thing. When I reset the subscription by updating it, the Current increments to Known and I see the consumer consume.

The UI says I’m running Event Store

Does your subscriber show up in the status of the subscription?

I was wrong, It probably is a UI issue because it appears the consumer is in fact consuming. I’m not sure if the subscriber is showing up in the status of the subscription, here is a screen shot.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.40.11 AM.png

What type of consumer is it? .net api or?

http via

Ah you are on http!

Are you acknowledging your messages?

Reasons I think Ack is working:

  1. Library I’m using calls onAck callback. Based on my understanding of the library, it sends the ack and then calls the onAck callback if the handler I registered with it resolves a promise without error.

  2. The consumer continues to process subsequent events. If I write an event, I see the consumer process it.

  3. The EventStore web client dashboard seems to process subscriptions. I see a “1” enter the current and it returns to zero, and then the rate goes to 1 and back down to 0.

Reasons I think Ack isn’t working

  1. The EventStore web client’s competing consumer view of subscriptions shows a gap between known and current.

First! Thank you for your responses. Things are working!


In Fact, things have been working this entire time. For some reason, I had it in my head that in a properly functioning persistent subscription; the “Current” value would rise to the “Known” value. I now believe this entire assumption is incorrect. I can see that the In Flight value rises as events are added but not consumed, and I see that In Flight drops as events are acknowledged. I can see that polling continues to pull the same event until it is acknowledged. All is well. Thanks :slight_smile: