Persistent subscription linktos are not resolved for live events

I setup persistent subscription and it seems to work in general (e.g. data are coming back).

I use following settings: strategy: “pinned”, resolveLinkTos: true

When receiving pre-existing events the data are coming as expected but for real-time the structure just contains link with binary data:

const sub = this.client.connectToPersistentSubscription<JSONEventType>("$ce-xzc", groupName);
sub.on("data", async evt => {
  const event = evt.event; // this is unresolved for live data and link contains "binary"

Is there a way how to get data properly?

So I apparently found reason - I had @ in the event id which apparently breaks the resolveLinkTos functionality…

that strange event ID are uuids… so there is not @ in there
, could you post the event body in question ?

My primary stream id was in following form:

That apparently caused that in $ce-TT the live events didn’t fly thru. I tested this with NodeJS and .NET core client and both behaved the same way so it is rather server side issue.

Anyway - after changing the format of primary event stream identifier things started to work like a charm…

It would be nice though if such key is not accepted to avoid confusion…

yep , will make a issue in the server repository

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A fix has been found for that issue. Thanks for reporting!

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I am impressed :slight_smile:

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