Performance issue reading a stream with DotNet EventStore.ClientAPI

Hello there.

I’ve set up the EventStore (as described in the getting started section via a command line, so it is running on my local machine) and done some tests with it. There are now some events written to a stream and everything seems to work fine as far as functionality goes. However when I am reading from a stream via the ReadStreamEventsForwardAsync function that comes with the EventStore.ClientAPI nuget package (which I guess is only wrapping the HTTP request) I always face a request duration of about 1 second, although there have only been a few (20 at max) simple events written to that stream.

Here is a sample for such an event:

“ObjectIds”: [
“Result”: “Success”,
“Timestamp”: “2018-10-05T16:18:39.3651204+02:00”,
“ErrorMessageCodes”: null,
“Details”: “some detail”

“Type”: “ObjectIdList”,
“Id”: “a2f447be-07a1-4c04-ab44-9a2a6edf3e3f”,
“SourceId”: “a2f447be-07a1-4c04-ab44-9a2a6edf3e3f”,
“MessageId”: “a2f447be-07a1-4c04-ab44-9a2a6edf3e3f”,
“CorrelationId”: “a2f447be-07a1-4c04-ab44-9a2a6edf3e3f”,
“TraceId”: “a2f447be-07a1-4c04-ab44-9a2a6edf3e3f”


Here is, how I read the events from the store:

Let var conn be the EventStoreConnection like “var conn = EventStoreConnection.Create(settings, new IPEndPoint(this.ip, Defaultport))”

StreamEventsSlice currentSlice;
long nextSliceStart = StreamPosition.Start;
currentSlice = conn.ReadStreamEventsForwardAsync(
nextSliceStart = currentSlice.NextEventNumber;
while (!currentSlice.IsEndOfStream);


My question is if this is a normal or to be expected
performance behaviour of the EventStore? Is there anything I can do to
speed up the EventStore’s response time?

Best regards


just curious, do you get the same behaviour running the same code on the same connection multiple times?

When you say it takes 1 second, are you including the time it takes to create a connection to the Event Store as well?