OS X support

I see OS X listed on the homepage under supported OSes, but am having trouble getting it fully running. I managed to get everything compiling and working, and even fixed a bug in EsDriveInfo around getting disk stats in OS X, but am now stuck on it trying to read /proc (which OS X does not have). I could fix that too, but I’m assuming that this rabbit hole is deep and nobody is actually running this on OS X.

Should I just cut my losses and fire up an Ubuntu VM to run this in? Or are there other people using OS X and I’m just a small patch away from success?

As far as i know the main issues are in statistics. I have a mac at home and can look when i get there. A vm has a pretty heavy perf hit

Thanks Greg. I ended up setting up an Ubuntu VM and that’s working nicely for now. I’m in the learning & poking around stages, so performance is the least of my concerns.