number of subscriptions supported per node, .net api


What would you say is the max number of concurrent subscriptions a single node can handle? (.net api)

What is a reasonable number? 1000, 10.000, 100.000, 1.000.000?

We are just trying to get a feeling of what to expect…

Which kind of subscription?

Catchup subscription.

I would guess without having benchmarked (and with qualifications) 10k

It depends on the workload of the subscriptions (are they all same stream?)
What is the throughput of the subscriptions?
How many at any given point are live vs in history?

I would considering large numbers seriously consider using atom
depending on some of the answers to the above


Thank you. We will definitely use atom when low latency is not important.

If low latency is important it’s unlikely you have 10k subscribers