NodeJS / Local server: Error: 1 CANCELLED: Call cancelled

I downloaded version 24.2 (ubuntu) and I am running with the --dev. I can access localhost:2113 via web using the default credentials.

However when I try to run a test script to append one event I get the “Error: 1 CANCELLED: Call cancelled”

const client = EventStoreDBClient.connectionString('esdb://admin:changeit@localhost:2113?tls=false&keepAliveTimeout=10000&keepAliveInterval=10000');

(async () => {
  await client.appendToStream('test-stream', event);
  console.log('Event written');

Any ideas?

--dev sets up tls certificates for testing purposes but in your connection string you set tls=false. Either drop that option or set it to true and it should work. I would also add tlsVerifyCert=false for good measure.