No gRPC client packages for .net standard

Hi Event Store developers!

Are you planning to release EventStore.Client.Grpc. * packages also for .net standard 2.0?
Currently, they are only for .NETCoreApp 3.1. This is very limiting. I can’t use your libraries in a very large, existing system that cannot be rewritten to .net Core 3.1 (at least in the near future).

After some reserach:
It turns out that refactoring to .netstandard2.1 is simple, someone has already prepared PR for this - see and
So maybe it also simple to refactor for .netstandard2.0?

Hi @invenisso,
We have had some discussion about this internally and have agreed to have a look at providing a .net standard 2.1 target for the Event Store gRPC dotnet client. The work will be tracked via the issue you have already linked.

The reason for targeting .net standard 2.1 is because of our dependency on which targets net standard 2.1.

Unfortunately this doesn’t help you directly, but we have also discussed looking into providing a client that doesn’t rely on but this is still very far off as our focus would be on the existing client.

Thank you for response @pieter.germishuys!

Yes, I noticed a dependency on Grpc.Net.Client.
I tried to compile a “mini” client myself today that would only contain classes for connecting and sending events. You are also using C# 8.0 features (nullable reference types, recursive patterns, async streams) - this also prevents targeting .netstandard2.0.

Well - I’m a little disappointed. :frowning: TCP has been deprecated - and there is no replacement for .Net Framework 4.8 codebase.
Maybe I should use TCP even though it’s deprecated? In which version it will be completely removed? 21?