Newbie Question: Tracking Events

We have a fairly large system with 100’s of events now and we add more every day as features are getting built. Im looking for a way to quickly find events in the solution. At this point Im not sure I know what each one does and if Im able to reuse it or not.

I was wondering if there is a way to add comments or properties to events for easy lookup. Kind of a english dictionary that has the event name and what it does?

pardon if it is a silly question.


Are you serializing your events from objects? If so why not just put a comment on the type?

If not you can put comments on an event (or you can put things in metadata)

Thanks a lot for replying. Im not sure how to put comments on the event. I dont want it in the metadata, I want it to be more like an internal lookup where I envision I can create a tool to have Events, their metadata and a short description.