Newbie question - how do I get started and execute a query?

Hi Matt,

For user projections (which queries are, under the hood), you need to start the Event Store with --run-projections=all from the command line (or an equivalent method such as in the JSON config files/environment variables depending on how you prefer to
configure your machine as listed here ). Your actually query looks fine. There are also some standard projections
which you need to enable for certain features of the DSL (such as fromCategory).

However, if you’re investigating queries and projections I’d strongly recommend using a more recent build, you can get the RC of v3 of Event Store from

  • there are a few issues to iron out in Linux prior to releasing it however. There are many fixes to queries and projections in particular in this build.



Great, James! I’m upgrading tonight :wink:

Are there any known issues on Windows platform?


No known issues on Windows. On some Linux machines we’re seeing HTTP timeouts when running more than one node on the same machine (as was reported the other day on the list), which we’re investigating at the moment.



Cool, thank you very much!

What about the client NuGet package? Can I still use 2.0.1?

Also (I know it was mentioned a few times before :wink: it would be great if you could host pre-release builds somewhere. Building from source is a bit painfull…


Great, thanks James.

That works a whole lot better now.

Good to hear that there’s a new version coming. Fingers crossed that it includes a whole lot more on the documentation side - especially the getting started part.



Yes one of the major blocking things for projections coming out of beta into a supported state is the documentation. Having been through teaching it a few times now we have a reasonable order for it, but needs putting down on paper (which is a whole other thing…)

Good to hear it’s working properly now.