[Newbie Question] Consolidating events to get current state of the aggregate

Im not sure if this question has been answered already, but ill ask anyway. I was looking for a way to consolidate events to get the current state of the aggregate.

To give a detailed explanation of what Im saying:

I have an Order that has the following in the GES:

Order Updated - (credit info added)

Order Updated - (2 Items added)

Order Created

I need a way to get the current state : Order with 2 items and a credit card on file so that I can insert that in the ORDER table in the RDBMs.

Please let me know if thats even possible using something inbuilt in GES vs doing it through code.

Thanks a lot

Isn’t that what the projections feature is for? Or your own read model denormalizer?

Sure there is a catch up subscription for following a stream/all/etc. If you look on the connection object you can https://github.com/EventStore/EventStore/blob/dev/src/EventStore/EventStore.ClientAPI/IEventStoreConnection.cs#L246 as example. you would then use the checkpoints to mark how far in the stream you have read. This can also be done using atom feeds over http if you prefer https://github.com/eventstore/eventstore/wiki/Getting-Started-HTTP contains code for doing this