newbie: 3.0.1 projections not working for me

Anyone who can please help a newbie,

So I’ve downloaded “3.0.1 stable” from the geteventstore website, followed the “Getting Started” guide, have the service running in a console window and I’m able to log in using Chrome.

I’ve not set up any of my own streams yet, but assumed the below projection should work on the internal streams,


.whenAny(function(s,e) {

s.count = 5;


When I create a new One Time projection and click “Start” I get a “Projection Started” alert, but then nothing appears to happen. The state of the projection remains “Stopped (Enabled)”.

Events are being added to the $stats- stream every now and again, but even if I ran this as a OneTime I was expecting to end up with something as there are historical events already in the streams.

Am I missing something? Am I incorrect in thinking I should see the final state as part of the “Result” or “State” as a JSON string? I have noticed some errors in the browser console?

Attached is a screenshot,



Did you enable projections with --run-projections=All option to clusternode
? The default is 'System'