New streams

How to get information about new streams created (with some basic details like name, expected version, etc) in .NET Client?
Is there any technical event for such functionality?

What exactly are you looking for? You can query any stream. If you are
looking for new streams try to enable $streams projection, it will
give you the first event of every stream.

I would like to

  1. subscribe to a new specific stream after creation, which have some specific pattern in name
  2. delete specific stream by name (possibility of deletion of all streams on UAT/TEST environment)

However, I think that I already found simplest solution, without projections.
Just, process all events/or detect event with ResolvedEvent.OriginalEventNumber equals 0, then get stream name from ResolvedEvent.OriginalStreamId.
Then I can push an event e.g. StreamCreated to other, technical stream.

Is is good idea, or maybe I should do this differently?

Yes that is essentially what the $streams projection does. The place
where it does not work is if you soft-delete then recreate a stream

I don’t seem to have the $streams projection. How can it be enabled?

Thanks, Majnu