.NET grpc client cannot connect to server ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM error

I have an esdb running in docker via

docker run --name esdb-node -it -p 2113:2113 -p 1113:1113 eventstore/eventstore:latest --insecure --run-projections=All --enable-external-tcp --enable-atom-pub-over-http --log-http-requests

I have a .NET app receiving the events from UI and a projection service.

The projection service is listening to all stream via this code


and a resubscribe method like this on SubscriptionDrop

 private void DroppedSubscriptionAll(StreamSubscription subscription, SubscriptionDroppedReason droppedReason, Exception? exception)
            if (droppedReason != SubscriptionDroppedReason.Disposed)

Connection retry is present via Polly like

   private async Task Subscribe()
            var retry = Policy
                .WaitAndRetryForeverAsync(retryAttempt => TimeSpan.FromSeconds(
                    (exception, _) => {  }

            await retry.ExecuteAsync(async () => await SubscribeToAll(cancellationTokenSource.Token));

When i work with 1 or two events its all looking good; but as soon as I send like a 1000 events all at once, the client starts to log the error message like

Status(StatusCode="Internal", Detail="Error starting gRPC call. HttpRequestException: An error occurred while sending the request. IOException: The request was aborted. Http2StreamException: The HTTP/2 server reset the stream. HTTP/2 error code 'ENHANCE_YOUR_CALM' (0xb).", DebugException="System.Net.Http.HttpRequestException: An error occurred while sending the request.

The esdb logs are suggesting its subscribing and then dropping the subscribe immediately;

[ 1,61,08:44:13.206,INF] Catch-up subscription bc0aedb6-454e-47d1-9550-5c8a7be23829 to $all:“StreamIdPrefixStrategy: (streamone-)”@“C:537157/P:0” running…

[ 1,61,08:44:13.522,INF] Live subscription 48a5bcbf-036a-4d89-9a55-f18c95e91a28 to $all:“StreamIdPrefixStrategy: (streamone-)” disposed.

How can I make sure the client is connecting properly?