.NET Core Client

For those who are unaware there is an alpha version of .net core
support for the Client API here.

For those who have been using it, we would love feedback on it.



No issues at all so far for a quite modest usage, namely these Append and Read operations:

Thanks for the feedback!

I’m getting slow read and write times. Takes up to 1s to write 2 events and 0.5s to read. Am I doing anything wrong here. https://github.com/dasiths/NEventLite/blob/master/NEventLite%20Storage%20Providers/EventStore/EventstoreEventStorageProvider.cs

You are opening and closing a connection on every operation, try
reusing a connection.

Hi all,

Does anyone have any further feedback on the .net core client?



We have been using it with subscriptions and haven't had any problems.


Hi All,

Deployed in docker container, works just fine.