.NET Client compatibility?


Whats the policy on client compatibility? We’ve made some internal refactoring and will have to migrate to new eventstore when upgrading. Is it safe to use a newer (3.1.0) client against older databases? Think we still have some 2.0 out in the wild.

(haven’t had any issues with client 3.0.3 and 2.0 databases, but I’d rather not start this process with something that seems to work, only to fail at some edgecase)


They will work within a major version number, however there may be features unimplemented in previous minor versions. For example, v3.2.0 will introduce the Persistent Subscription types. Running a persistent subscription on a server that’s pre-3.2.0 will result in the client’s connection being closed.

Ok, thanks! Any known issues reading from a 2.0 database with a newer client?

Not that I know of but I would not preclude them. We try really hard
to keep compatibility but our assurances are based on semantic
versioning. My guess is it will work without issue.