.net api documentation for subscriptions


I’m in desperate need for some documentation regarding subcription lifetimes…

Any pointers?


I’m basically interested in building a subscriber that survives disconnects and other error scenarios.

I remember seeing something about persistent subscriptions in Szymon’s EventStore NServiceBus transport project: https://github.com/SzymonPobiega/NServiceBus.EventStore/tree/develop

I didn’t look hard enough to see if it was something he build on top of ES or if ES directly supports it. Regardless, it should be a good starting place for you unless the ES developers have an out of the box persistent subscription mechanism in ES.

Competing was just merged … It is persistent subscriptions. Docs will be short coming (it’s only in dev)

What is catchupsubscription not doing for you? This is what it does…

Speaking for myself, catchupsubscription requires the dev to manage the storage & restoration of commit & prepare position. It would be nice if ES had a build in subscription that managed it’s position internally, such then if your consumer went down for a while and came back up, it could just subscribe to a persistent-subscription-thing and begin consuming events again, without having to manage position itself.

It sounds like this is exactly what the competing consumer functionality does.

And it allows you to hookup say 4 connections to a single subscription.

Right. Which is awesome by the way. Any projection on when that will be in master?

In dev now likely at next release (dev is generally usable)