.NET - Akka.Persistence.EventStore


I’m finding Akka.net very powerful in building systems and ES fits Akka.Persistence very well. So far, this plugin is working pretty good. But, I’m sure I’m doing some things wrong.

If anyone is interested, I’d love some contributions and/or pointers in regards to battle testing/enhancing it.


Hi Chris,

I’ve been using it on a home project for the last few weeks without any hiccups (few million events) which is a good sign. I saw you committed a few changes recently like using only one connection which is cool, although I haven’t updated my fork yet. I’ll probably start using it in a production environment in a couple of weeks which will be interesting, so maybe off the back of that I’ll be making some committs. looks good though, certainly saved me writing one! Tests are the main thing :slight_smile:



Not looked at Akka.NET but there’s a journal for the Java/Scala version available here: https://github.com/EventStore/EventStore.Akka.Persistence - that may be worth reviewing for applicability.

The implementation of that is also really good. Yaroslav is a smart guy :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback, guys.

I’ll try to grok it soon.