Need customer attention

I reached out via the website to get a meeting to talk about a consulting engagement that would lead to a support agreement. Getting really slow follow-up. The person that emailed me last week suggested we might have a call today or yesterday, but its not happened and I still dont have the conversation on the calendar.

Possible to get some escalation from Event Store?

I can do a call with you today and follow up with others if you want. What time is good for you?



Hi Greg,

I’d like to include a few of my Ops partners. Would be tomorrow or Monday. I believe that you’re in the UK. We’re CT-US. Thinking mornings make most sense. I’ll post some times in just a bit. My email is

I am in Thailand right now so mornings = evenings. I can do tomorrow if that works for you. Then it will be a few days before I can do one (travel).

Greg, Ive got 9am soft-booked tomorrow. If we could do a 30 min chat, I think that would be really helpful. My full contact information is I’ll try to email you a Zoom link if that is useful.