Multi-Consumer CatchUpSubscription

Would anyone be interested in catch up subscriptions where you can
bring up multiple of them and they share between multiple instances a
catchup subscription?

Interesting … what guarantees would that entail? at-least-once?
instances means multiple hosts/processes right?

It has to be at least once. Yes it would mean multiple
consumers/processes. Basically what it would be doing is agreeing on
hash functions and checkpointing as a group similar to competing but
as a client driven subscriptions. Other systems such as kafka support
such a subscription model. Its pretty easy to implement as another
stream can be used for coordination between the subscribers.

Can you give an example?

3 consumers ... each gets 1/3 messages. Similar to competing but done
via catch up subscriptions not server held state.

I can think of a few scenarios where that would be useful for us.
If it is a very low hanging fruit for you implemention wise i would vote yes..