Mono segfaults

Hi all,

I’m looking at the feasibility of deploying EventStore pretty widely as part of a move to SOA. We’re trying to set up the store as a single node in a docker container running Ubuntu 14.04. We’re essentially using this dockerfile: with a newer version of ES (3.03)

A couple of devs have reported segfaults that bring down the container.

I’ve got a log file here:, does anyone have any pointers?

– Bob Gregory

What version of glib?

Running gdb and looking at the segfault e.g. a backtrace would help in
diagnosing it. Usually there are a few possible causes.

1) running a 64 bit image on 32 bit os
2) mismatched glibc
3) who knows and requires more testing to find out (usually starting
by not running statically linked stuff)