monitoring using the $stats stream in a cluster

Hi All

I’d like to monitor Event Store through Zabbix and query the
$stats stream to get metrics and plot them.

It seems that the in-built $stats stream round-robins
through all of the cluster nodes, e.g.

Event #62458 <-- Reports Data from Node 1

Event #62457 <-- Reports Data from Node 2

Event #62456 <-- Reports Data from Node 3

Event #62455 <-- Reports Data from Node 1

etc, etc

Here’s what my http call looks like:


I don’t see any way to identify the node from the returned
json other than the proc-id, which could theoretically be the same on two


  • Is there a stats stream that returns data on a per-node

  • Am I missing an obvious way to identify the node within
    the returned values?

  • Is using $stats to report metrics even a sensible approach


Event Store

Ubuntu 16.04



There is a stats stream per node (based on ip). For uptime status
monitoring though I would recommend looking at node://gossip instead.

Thanks Greg, the gossip stream is useful.

Just on the stats per node, would the uri look something like this (assuming node ip is


I have int-ip and ext-ip listening on if that’s significant, we have two interfaces on these boxes.



Yes that is correct. The stats are based on ip/port.

Great, thanks for that Greg