monitoring event store


Does event store keep track of current connections and is this information available somehow?


It does keep track of them, but there’s no API for accessing this at the moment. I guess it would be fairly straightforward to add, what’s the use case and what kind of data would you want available?

Competing does keep track of connections (for subscriptions) and there is an API

Putting events into a stream $connections say would be totally
trivial. It would also be trivial to drop them onto $statistics

My guess is you would prefer the $statistics route.

As James mentioned could you go a bit more into your use case?


Use case:

In our organization we maintain a publish subscribe infrastructure together with a very simple API that allows our traders to produce and consume data through excel. Traders are free to create new streams with no developer interaction. To support this creative chaos… it would be very beneficial to see who is writing or reading to a specific stream at any given time… This would aid in helping traders who see something they didn’t expect…

Oh thats a bit different than just monitoring which connections are open.

I would do this at your app level not in the event store itself. Every
time you would do a read you would need to do a write.

I think we’ll just write some extra metadata containing user id etc. and not do anything when reading…

That combined with say a by-user projection could make things much simpler