MongoDB for read model

I am using MongoDB for the read model (projections dispatched from event store). I came across Greg’s talk about Polyglot database and got the impression that you don’t recommend MongoDB for the read model. Any specific reasons ?

The DB is a bit confused about its consistency guarantees.

Mongo is great as a read model. There are other older things about it in general as well such as when it considered things committed. My guess is however that this is something you will see improve (they added a more safety a while ago and I think it will continue that trend due to their success)

Cool … I knew those old incidents, just wanted to make sure there is no any other major issue. It is running in production for months so far and no issues at all, very fast. Worst case if there is consistency issues could re-play all events and re-build the read model.

Yeah no problem as a read model other situations may not turn out well :slight_smile: