Missing namespace

Not sure if I am missing something but Eventstore Client API 4.1.1 does not have this namespace


I did a quick github source code search and did not find the class there either. Any idea?

Yeah, I haven’t seen these before either.

When you create a Persistent Subscription, it’s done via an IEventStoreConenction (or at least that’s how I do it)

These appear to be interacting with the HTTP api giving the same stats you see in the eventstore ui but to the client.

These do not appear to actually be implementing persistent subscriptions merely providing the data about persistent subscriptions. https://eventstore.org/docs/dotnet-api/code/EventStore.ClientAPI.PersistentSubscriptions.PersistentSubscriptionDetails.html as example. This is the same information shown when you click on the link of a persistent subscription in the UI.

But this namespace is missing in the dotnet 4.1.1 clientapi library. I am trying to the find the .net api equivalent to https://eventstore.org/docs/http-api/swagger/Subscriptions/Get%20subscription%20information.html. Should we just query the endpoint directly?

Hey all, the https://eventstore.org/docs/dotnet-api/code/EventStore.ClientAPI.PersistentSubscriptions.html namespace is part of a feature / PR that is coming soon. Due to various conflicting build processes it’s hard to sometimes stop some docs getting published. That’s actually a task I will tackle soon. Sorry about the confusion, but yes, this is a feature you can look forward to soon.