Missing libs/libjs1.so


Build is failing on linux because libs/libjs1.so is missing.

I would imagine it would fail on windows as the dlls appear to be missing as well.

There is a solution to build it (marked windows only projections). The library itself is part of v8

Thanks! Still no luck though, not sure if xbuild will build that, what compiler am I supposed to use?

I had to install libv8 via apt (and still couldn’t find libjs1.so, wonder what the package for that is).

g++ js1.cpp -I …/libs/include/ -o …/libs/libjs1.so /usr/lib/libv8.so

And realized my c++ skills are long gone! :slight_smile:

Reason, I am trying to compile is because I am on x86 and there is no linux download for that.

I had managed to compile master branch once before those files were removed, so I got the package from then, but even the simplest of projections was failing (funnily all the error had was js1), wrong architecture maybe?

There is EventStore/Scripts/v8/build-js1.sh to build it in linux.

Thanks, I’ll give that a go.

Thanks yuriy, managed to get libjs1.so compiled, and I can now add a projection without it going into fault state (got a seg fault running it but that is for another topic).


What version of mono are you running? We have some very important pull requests that have been accepted to trunk but are not in say the current Ubuntu apt-get version

Which version of libv8.so do you have?

Mono 2.10.8 and libv8 on ubuntu 12.10 I’ll try comipiling from source in the EventStore repo.

3.8 should be fine