Memory storage

Is it possible to have ES use memory as storage instead of files?

This would be very helpful in running black box tests, especially if I’m using projections engine built into ES.

Specifically we have tests that launch the entire system, run some scenario, verify views are what they’re expected to be (from point of view of the client) and then just discard everything. On multicore system we have several scenarios running in parallel (so I’d have several ES instances running in parallel).

Thanks, Slav

This is on the list

Any estimate on this? This year?

Is the list public by any chance?


I think this year we were discussing whether or not to do in 2.0 but decided to delay it and get 2.0 out first. It’s not all that difficult overall.


So, is the plan to abstract storage? Would it be possible to, for example, in the future add support to work with cloud storage directly (instead of having to mount some virtual drive that simulates that)?


Unlikely. But can put it on the list. There is not a lot of benefit going through the abstraction layer