--mem-deb persists data?

If I do the following:

  1. Run EventStore.ClusterNode.exe --mem-db
  2. Write some events to a stream using the .NET API to testStream
  3. Ctrl-C the event store process to kill it
  4. Restart event store
  5. Go to the web UI and visit http://localhost:2113/web/index.html#/streams/testStream/0


  1. I see my event is still there
  2. Though if I go to http://localhost:2113/web/index.html#/streams/testStream then it says my stream doesn’t exist

It looks like the stream is soft deleted, but if I restarted event store and everything is in-memory only, shouldn’t it have disappeared altogether?

Related to this, it seems like if I add some data to a non in-memory version of event store, then start the in-memory version, I can still see the data from the persistent version?

Finally, is the default path for database chk files listed anywhere? I couldn’t find it on the backing-stuff-up page in the docs, and when starting up Event Store without any arguments it just describes the path as “DEFAULT”.


HTTP Caching. In your browser’s developer tools, disable caching and try again :slight_smile:

I believe there is a change on dev that allows you to disable all caching for developmwnt scenarios

Ah, thanks! Actually in Firefox disabling caching in development tools doesn’t help, and a hard refresh doesn’t work in either Chrome or Firefox. But entirely clearing the browser cache works in either, and Chrome’s dev tools cache disable also makes the events disappear. The web UI generally seems to have some pretty strange behaviour, but at least the actual store is doing what it should.

If you look on dev branch i believe there is a cmd line arg to disable caching for dev use

I’ll take a look, thanks!