Maximum size of streams


What is the maximum size of a stream in evenstore? Given small event sizes. I just whatched the video 'A deep look into the Event store' where Greg mentions that streams containing more than 2 billion events are going to be a problem. Is it possible to distribute a stream across multiple machines?


It’s a limit so no you can however use multiple streams

Thank you for the quick reply. Can you expand the answer a little bit? We are in the process of evaluating event store for our infrastructure. We are looking at storing lots of events produced over many years..

I’ve noticed the stream pointer is an int while the global positions are long, so I’m guessing this is by design?


Yes. It is intended to have thousands or millions of streams not one stream for the system. As an example in a bank you would have a stream/account not one stream for the entire bank. In many systems the creation of a stream is an expensive operation in event store it is essentially free.



Is it still the limit now ?

Since version 4.1 (I think) stream version is a long so supports 2^63 -1 events. There are other limits you’ll reach before that.