$maxAge does not work for me

Hello Community!

I set $maxAge metadata property on existing stream, but existing old events which > $maxAge are not marked as deleted (at least I can’t see any flag on the standard EventStore web UI).
What’s even weirder - when I run scavenge - it reclaims disk space.
But I still can view JSON body of the old events.
That events are linked in another stream - could this be the reason?
EventStoreDb version = 20.6.0.

Thanks for help.

They are likely being cached by your browser. What happens when you disable caching from developer tools?

Eventually I wrote a little utility that just dumps events from the stream to file. It allowed me to see that the retention settings work (yes, they do). Clicking on Stream Browser is a bit of a hassle, especially the “last” button shows a blank page instead of the last event (I disabled the cache). Thanks for the help.