Mapped Files might be eating all the RAM?, windows


We have an EventStore.ClusterNode.exe running in production, with about 2000 items/s in it’s main queue at all time. At the moment we are only doing writes. Using RamMap from sysinternals we can see that at times the server has up to 11 GB of mapped files in memory. Event store is the suspect :slight_smile:

Any suggestions?

Yes limit file cache in windows. The windows file cache is interesting (and by default will use 100% of resources) as an added bonus it doesn’t always release them on time either.

There is eerie tap support materializing on dev to 100% bypass all the fs caching

That’s great, thank you :slight_smile:

Nah but we have found yhe setting to not be sticky and needs to be run regularly (not just on startup)

In case anybody wants to use the massive powershell script instead (I copied them from somewhere on the internet) I’ve put them as a gist:

You can set the percentage using the $MaxPercent variable at the top (probably should make it as an arg to the script).

We use those and run them on start up and as a scheduled task, works well for us.