Managed Clusters

We have been scoping internally the possibility of us running managed
clusters for people. We are curious how much demand there might be.
The basics of it would be a client would just receive a VPN into their
network and a fixed cost. All monitoring/dealing with
servers/upgrades/etc would be included.

We feel that it would offer strong ROI for clients and it would also
help lower investments towards operational understanding.

Is this something that would interest you?

Feel free to contact me directly if that is more comfortable for you.



Hi Greg,

I think it’s a great idea!

My system is hosted on Azure, the outbound data transfer cost a lot of money ( So if you propose your offer in the azure data center (West Europe). You can take my money ! :smiley:



I also think it’s a good idea. If it were me, I (personally) wouldn’t focus so much on the “VPN in” aspect but on the SAAS aspect. Consider Redis Labs as a possible analog. Managed cluster might be a good way to start and validate the market but something more pure saas-like seems more interesting to me, particularly if I were someone who just wanted to try out ES concepts with minimal investment.

+1 for Windows Azure, we’d give it a try.

+1 for cloud. Especially azure…

+1 … I am already hosting it as VM in Azure, would be great to save the hassle and use your hosted service.

We already hosting ES in Azure VM. Would be great if it is available as a service in Azure.

There is next to zero chance that we will be supplying managed clusters in Azure - if we were to consider it, the cost would likely be several times that of a cluster in AWS to cover the additional management overhead. We may consider providing managed clusters in Joyent’s public cloud for people that really don’t want to use Amazon (or want better performance than AWS can provide), however.