Low memory mode (for mostly writes and low cost cloud VM)


I plan to build a small app that runs on JVM under linux in the cloud with 1GB RAM (low cost).
Read and write models in-memory, most of the time writing only deltas/events to the database and reading from the database only on boot.

I was looking recently at EventStore and I really like it. I saw some posts that state that the minimum memory requirements are in 200-300MB range.

Is there some way to get even lower (under 100mb or even 50mb)? I’m not sure if it makes sense / is doable for such a particular use-case of mostly writes? If not - do you plan to consider it?


Try --cached-chunks=0

Getting lower than that would require some specific tuning. A good
place to start is to make the meltable size smaller.

--max-mem-table-size=10000 as example.

Thanks! Will try!