Logs and Logging


I have a couple of questions regarding EventStore logs.

  1. Is it possible to split the log files into separate folders? At present, the *-cluster-node.log file, *-cluster-node-stats.csv and the *-cluster-node-err.log all get written into the same \logs\ folder. Can these be split into separate folder? The reason: I’m deploying EventStore into a cluster in Azure. I’m using Azure Application Insights to record server metrics (CPU, mem etc.). I’d like Application Insight to record when a *-cluster-node-err.log file is generated, this will trigger an internal process to investigate. Application Insights, unfortunately, cannot trigger based upon creation of file name/type etc. It can only trigger when a folder is modified, i.e. file is written into it. If I can separate the logs into separate directories, then my life will be infinitely simpler.

  2. Is it possible, via a configuration setting, to write errors to Windows Event Log, [instead of/as well as] to the the *-cluster-node-err.log? This again, will be an acceptable work around to point 1 above.

  3. The \logs\ directory continues to grow and at some point is likely to fill the drive. Is it possible for ES to remove logs folders older than n days?