Login popup popping up

Since recently I see a popup in my browser asking for username and password. This also happens when I am on the login page (of the web UI).

Should this popup be displayed at all? It is pretty annoying, since on the login page alone it sometimes pops up three times before I can enter my credentials in the ‘regular’ login boxes.

– Marcel

Can someone else verify this behaviour? I have not seen it.

@pieter have you seen it?

It probably has something to do with configuration of the cluster. See post https://groups.google.com/d/msg/event-store/Xdj_dNEDf3I/xKJY7ssneasJ

So guess that this is non-issue.

– Marcel

What version are you using? New (post 3.0.0) versions should never display a basic auth prompt.

See curl requests … 401 from diff service

We’re using version

James its appears to be doing it on a redirect.

My guess is we dont see it because we have cached credentials for all the nodes.