Log into UI. Windows security credentials required to access server.

I am currently experiencing issues accessing the Web UI on Windows environment with various set ups.

Currently I have a cluster using three separate VM’s. EventStore is running as a service, setup and running as expected.

The only thing I can’t do is log into the UI. On every login attempt using the default credentials, a windows security window asking for username/password is given.

This does not accept the ES or user details.

Simply running the .exe to run on local host allows login with no issues. I assume this is a Windows security issue but cannot get around it?

I have also experienced this issue when running a single node.

Does anyone have any suggestions to resolve this or have experienced this before?



Hi Joshua,

The identity you are using to run Event Store as a service needs to have permission to listen to incoming HTTP requests.

Have you tried setting the urlacl rules for the user you are using? You can find information about this in these docs, and more information about configuring HTTP and HTTPS here.