linkTo soft deletes streams?

I have had a look through here, and can’t see any specific like this.

We have a very strange problem (at least to us)

We have the following projection:

var processEvent = function(s, e) {
var streamName = ‘OrderAggregate-’;

streamName +=, “”);

    linkTo(streamName, e);


$init: function(s, e) {
return {
count: 0
‘LimitBuyOrderHasBeenPlacedEvent’ : processEvent,
‘OrderStatusChangedToDoneEvent’: processEvent


This appears to work fine when we start it (we get two events in OrderAggregate-be1bcf3a66f343d4bb7f88dbcfa579d5)

If we reset the projection, we only have the last event in the stream and the Event# has change (it’s now on 2)

Each time we reset it, the Event number got up by 2, and we only have the last event that was processed.

At a guess, it appears to soft delete the stream if it detects it’s already there.

Can anyone help on this matter?

My assumption was, linkTo would simply append to an existing stream

If this isn’t the case, I am in a BIG trouble :expressionless:

I made a mistake when I said we only get the last event.
We get all the expected event, but the event numbers are higher (like the stream has been soft deleted)