linkto projections


I’ve created a projection with the source:

fromAll().whenAny(function(s,e) {

if(e.EventType === ‘Tcsa.EventFlow.Contracts.GlobalUserTaskMsg+Activated’)

linkTo(‘activeTasks’, e);

return s;


if i go to the streams projection i can see four new entries:


First of all if you need just one event type, it is better to use when({‘event-tpe’: function (… . The ES will read events more efficiently.

The linked events will appear in the ‘activeTasks’ stream and you should read it as any other stream. If this stream is empty chech the event type. If you start using the when syntax instead of whenAny you should see on statistics screen if the projection actually processed at least one event.

Also, none of the steams you listed should include you linked event.