Limit number of events per connection

Say we have a CC connection and we are subscribed to 10 subscriber groups. Is it possible to limit the total events that can be sent to the client for the whole connection?

Would maximum QueueSize handle this case? BufferSize (in persistent connection method) would not work since that is per subscriber group.

And what is the operationTimeout property in connection settings? How is this different from message timeout and heartbeat timeout.

The buffer size on the CC group is what you are looking for. It says
how many "in flight" messages are allowed for a given consuming
client. This represents its buffer.

To answer your question about OperationTimeout:
This is how long the client will wait for an entire operation to complete before retrying it. This differs from the other settings as it’s not only waiting for a message to be sent to the server, but for a response or confirmation back as well.

For example, if you perform a read operation, a read message is sent to the server. The client needs to wait for the server to respond with the result of that read.

If this whole process (sending the message and waiting for the response) takes longer than the timeout, the whole operation is timed out and, depending on your settings, the request would be sent again.