Lightweight event sourcing framework with built in support for EventStore


Being working on this fun little project for a few weeks.

It is a light weight framework to get your event sourcing project up and running fast. Every aspect of it has been architectured to be replaced by your own implementation if required. It won’t restrict you like some of the bigger CQRS frameworks do. Give it a try.

Looking for some keen individuals to come and make it their own. Specially DRYing the .NET core code base.

It’s a good way to wrap your head around the concept of event sourcing.


I’ve had some queries about using this as is in production.

**I can’t stress this enough. **You generally want to avoid “frameworks” when implementing CQRS or Event Sourcing but NEventLite will help get you on the rails. You can swap out every aspect of it if need be. (I actually insist you do depending on your requirements) Think of it as training wheels.

I believe it was Greg who said that he sees framework become reference projects at least 3-4 times a year. :smiley: