Known Messages for Persistent Subscription

We needed to replay a category stream which has a Persistent Subscription, so deleted the Group.
When our service connected to the Category Stream, the Group was recreated (as expected) but the “Known” column started at zero (even though the Stream size is 165,000).

That itself isn’t a problem, but it’s the speed this column is taking to reach 165,000.

The service we have for delivering the events has caught up and is sitting idle while this column increments.

Assuming my understanding of this process is correct, is there a way we can get this Known column back up 165,000 in a quicker fashion?


I may have discovered the problem…

In our Connect method, I had set the buffer size to 1!

Just switched it to 10 and seems to have sorted it.

I would set it even higher than that. For a fast subscription 1000 is
not unreasonable

Will try that out today.