JVM client updated for ES 5?


I'm trying to upgrade from ES 3.9.4 to ES 5.0.0, working with the
5.0.9 JVM client. I'm seeing errors while using the reactive stream
API (connection.streamPublisher method) to receive events, and have a
feeling it might be because the JVM client is not yet upgraded to
support ES 5. Would this be a correct assumption? Or is it supposed to

cheers, Rickard

ps. Full ticket: https://github.com/EventStore/EventStore.JVM/issues/122

Scratch that. It seems like there is a back pressure issue with the
client. For some reason client is getting more events than can fit in
its buffer, and silently unsubscribes, causing new events coming in to
be unhandled.

Again, some docs on how to use the client in a predictably working way
would be HIGHLY appreciated. The tiny snippets on Github just aren't


Hey Rickard, there is some additional JVM documentation currently in the event store getting started guide (obviously more basic topics), with more rolling out in relevant sections slowly. We’re also slowly building more JVM example applications.

The client doesn’t support all features supported by the .net client, so sometimes things are missing for a reason and you’ll have to default to http calls.

If you spot anything that you have an answer too, then PRs are always welcome.