JVM API - difference between ESConnection and Actor approach


I’m recently trying to evaluate Event Store (https://github.com/rabbitonweb/event_store_evaluation). Using JVM API I’ve learned there are actually two ways to read and write data: actor way and by using ESConnection.

My question is: is there any reason to choose one way or the other beside typical differences between using Futures vs Actors? I do not intend to start any flame-wars here, I just want to be sure that choosing one way or the other is simply driven by personal needs of either using akka or pure Futures.

And by the way, if anyone encounters heresies on https://github.com/rabbitonweb/event_store_evaluation pelase let me know :slight_smile:


Pawel Szulc

They are in fact the same api one just uses the other.

Thanks for quick reply!