"js1" x86


I’ve managed to run x64 on Windows and Ubuntu, but can’t compile “js1” (v8) for x86 Windows. Could someone attach compiled library for 2.0.1?


We deliberately don’t ship x86 binaries at the moment as we have no easy way to test them. However as far as I’m aware building should work if you have the prerequisites (VC++ or SDK 7.1 and Svn) then substituting x86 for x64 on the command line as per
the README in the wiki.



All prerequisites are installed, however when compiling v8 it throws ridiculous number of errors. This is for dev purpose only, so if someone could drop already compiled library it would be much appreciated.

Can you post a log so we can try to fix the x86 build?

Please see attached log.

msbuild.log (1.27 MB)