Java client


How does the java client work with an eventstore cluster? Will it not work, or will it just not change node?

When do you think the cluster support will be ready?

Will using the http api for writing, be a workaround?


There are two clients targeting the JVM - one first party written using Scala and Akka (EventStore.JVM), and another third-party written using Java. Which one are you considering?

Using HTTP should not be considered a workaround - it is one of the two primary interfaces to Event Store and in many cases is preferable to the TCP API.


I was thinking of the EventStore.JVM, didn’t know of the other one.

I already have around 15 projections written as akka actors. So that one would fit perfectly.

Why is the HTTP api preferable to the TCP API? If it preferable for writing?

Yaroslav is just about done with it it will be done

Hi Idar,

Right now I’m busy with implementing cluster support in EventStore.JVM, it’s highest priority.

Good, :slight_smile: can’t wait.