Issues when adding the embedded client to a .net standard class library


I’m having an issue when adding the EventStore.Client.Embedded package to a .net standard 2.0 class library.

I’ve added the package through the projects manage NuGet dialog and the package appears in my dependencies in visual studio, but when I add the EventStore.ClientAPI.Embedded namespace I get a compile error informing me that the Embedded
namespace does not exist in the EventStore.ClientAPI namespace and that I am missing an assembly reference.

Strangely the EventStore.Client package works fine.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

I’m using .net standard 2.1, Visual studio 2017 v15.7.6 and EventStore v4.1.1.

Any help appreciated.

Kind regards


You cant do this as its net4.61 , netstandard is great but can only consume other netstandard libs which then have a net4.61 , Mono or CoreApp entry point. One of our biggest issues is unit tests of a netstandard lib that uses EventStore.ClientAPI Core and try to stand up a embedded store. The best we have come up with is …

  • Fork Event store - I have a working copy except the http does not work (we are not using this)
  • Link the files under test using a code link into the test lib
  • Standup a copy of the event store via an exe / process exec making a unit test an integration test.

I see you have found the core discussions.