Issues running eventstore in a container

As I understand it, the two major issues against running eventstore in a docker container are:

  1. The performance isn’t as high in a virtualized environment
  2. There is no way to know WHEN a disk write has actually been accomplished on the physical hard drive since the container disk is virtualized.
    My question, since I don’t have performance issues: If the db folder is mapped as a volume onto the physical server’s hard drive, do we still have a problem with issue #2. Or is the data actually written when it says it is?

It depends on the file system/container settings/etc.

Stumbled upon this:

The current implementations of mounts on Linux provide a consistent view of a host directory tree inside a container: reads and writes performed either on the host or in the container are immediately reflected in the other environment, and file system events (inotify, FSEvents) are consistently propagated in both directions.

So it looks like everything should be ok if docker is running on a linux system, so long as that linux system is not also virtualized. Would you agree?