Issue with running one time Projection

Hi, I am trying to run one time projection on older events in my stream(basically trying to count events on some unique id “APPLICATION_ID”), I can see projection running but the result is not shown anywhere.
The projection shared (attachment) is working fine with continuous mode

Any suggestion is welcome.

Remove the ’ round $any

should read:

$any : function(s,e)

Also, I think you want to check the property using rather than

Tried without quote as well but no success,
Tried with “”(screenshot ) but no success

Can you make the projection continous and reset it.
Also, before your if statement, can you add another count variable in


This will verify if the if statement is the problem (initialise otherCount in $init)

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Thank’s Steven, it’s working with continuous mode.

But i am wondering why projection did’t worked with one time mode.

The continous perhaps was not needed.
The reset was the important part.

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